API Usage

Helpful info about the API


Currently, Starfall is offering our platform for free for the first 50 wallets lookups to every verified user. We are committed to extending our platform for free up to a limited amount of requests (subject to change) to every business through Q2 2024.

If you business has a need for more free requests, please feel free to reach out to us at team@starfall.ai

Rate limiting

Starfall rate limits users in the free tier and this can be increased for business users.

Please reach out to the Starfall team at team@starfall.ai if you'd like to integrate at a higher rate limit.


We are currently working on a subscription model for our business users. As mentioned above we are committed to offering the platform for free through Q2 2024. Reach out to us for more information.

Model versioning

Starfall uses custom machine learning models to make predictions about every wallet using on and off chain data. Currently, all of our models run on the latest version of our data as of November 2023.

We plan to include headers that specify the model version being used in our API through a X-Model-Version header and by passing this variable through a query parameter in the request.

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