Welcome to the API documentation for the Starfall Platform.

What is Starfall?

Starfall is a fraud and bot detection platform for every web3 wallet. We detect fraudulent behavior, suspicious actors, scams, and bots across 8 blockchains.

With Starfall, you can search any wallet address and instantly get a fraud and bot score for that wallet, and a list of wallets related to that wallet based on a variety of on and off chain signals.

Can I search my own wallet on Starfall?

Yes, you can search your own wallet on Starfall to monitor for fraudulent transaction and potential bot activity.

Can I integrate with Starfall?

We provide a set of APIs to enable seamless integration with all of your applications. All of our predictions are available through our APIs. Here are some of our customer's use cases:

  • Prescreen wallets before they sign up for your platform

  • Go through all your customers wallets to determine if any of them belong to fraud or bot rings

  • Filter out bot wallets for air drops and give aways

  • Triage customer wallets from Starfall for potentially suspicious activity

  • Find related wallets for marketing and customer targeting

As a wallet holder, you can use Starfall to:

  • Proactively monitor and check the fraud score of your own wallet

  • Take actions to improve your wallet's fraud and bot score

  • Screen wallets before you interact with them

How do I get started?

Go to our quickstart tutorial.

  • Sign up for an account, get an API key through our developer portal

  • From the free account, start looking up wallets.

How do I get help?

Contact the Starfall support team at with any questions.

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